Guitar Videos

This where I will feature my online Guitar Videos.

Intro Guitar Video.
This is my first video, a promo video I put on YouTube, called Playing Rock Guitar .com Introduction.Basically does what it says on the tin, introduces the site to you.

The site was launched in Dec 2009.  The short video gives information on what content is already on the website and what is to come in 2010, more rock guitar lessons and other plans.  Please have a watch of it below.

If you are curious about the music,  I wanted something that had a twist on rock and was interesting.  The music I picked is a by British thrash metal band called Onslaught covering AC/DC’s Let There Be Rock from the album, In Search of Sanity released in 1989.  

Hope you enjoyed it,

PS. Jan 2010, More videos to come in the future.

Other Guitar Videos:

Video story of a how a guitar (Gibson Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty) that cost $1,300 went to costing over $27,000 dollars in the space of a week.  It is  below if you want to watch it:
Video Most expensive guitar

Guitar Superstar Review

I have added a page which reviews both the guitar lesson site and a Guitar Video game.  The video game is a bit like guitar hero but well, you need to read the review and watch the video to find out.

Guitar Superstar Review