Video Most expensive Guitar

This is a video I posted for Playing Rock Guitar about the story of a how a guitar that cost $1,300 went to costing over $27,000 dollars in the space of a week.

The guitar was a Gibson Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty with gold hardware. A really nice guitar, one I would love to own myself, but worth $27k? And the price is still rising. Watch and see why.

Keep an eye out for an updated post with final price which I will post in the next few days.

PS. Actually last Monday (25th January) the price was listed as £120,000 GBP (or $200,000 US dollars) but that seems to have been a mistake. Myself and someone else seen it listed at that price but the next day it was corrected to £16,000.  Must have been an incorrect bid or a typo for the latest info on the Iron Maiden Guitar
If you wondered, the music is by Iron Maiden of course, song is the The Clairvoyant and was recorded live on The Somewhere Back in Time World tour, February 2008 in the Acer Arena, Sydney, Australia.