Guitar Superstar Review

This Guitar SuperStar Review page is about two things. There is a playing rock guitar lesson program called Guitar Superstars and also a guitar video game. First I will talk about the lessons site and then the video game.
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Guitar SuperStar Review

Guitar SuperStar Review

Guitar Superstars lessons covers all types of guitar lessons from rock to metal, electric, acoustic, lead guitar lessons, blues, folk, classical and even bass guitar. I personally would be more interested in the rock and metal lessons. The format is in videos. You learn one lesson and then move on to the next when you have mastered that. This way you can progress your playing. I have a more detailed report of the lesson site here at the main page at Playing Rock Guitar Lessons.

The online guitar store has a online members areas which once you are a member you have access to hundreds of videos. All the videos are down loadable so you are able to save local copies to your computer as well. You can learn to play rock guitar even when you are not online this way and don’t have to worry about streaming videos or videos stopping. It is a lot easier playing with videos than trying to pick up music from playing guitar to CDs or MP3s.

There are 7 or 8 guitar instructors covering all the various styles of music and techniques. But you will probably tend to use the ones that cover your musical tastes more. A few of the instructor are well known musicians from various bands.
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The video game, Guitar SuperStar Review is that is not Guitar Hero. It is a lot cheaper but may not be what you are looking for. Although the video below is not great you get an idea of what the game is like. The Game Guitar Superstar video with the song What a feelin (or psuedo Boston, More than a feelin) is below if you want to view it.

It has a small controller and the controls are up, down and strum to select so navigation is slow. The songs are midi and are psuedo covers of well known rock songs as you can gather from the video.

I hope you found this discussion and review of the two programs useful.

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