Dec 19 2009

Playing Rock Guitar, a How to guide.


This is a website I set up to give some information on Playing Rock Guitar.  I love the sound of any rock, hard rock or heavy metal guitar playing.  I wanted to play the songs that I loved and listened to. 

I started to learn to play rock guitar when I was 18 or 19.  At that time, I did not do any guitar lessons or approach it in a serious way and found that I did not progress in my guitar playing at all.  When I was at college, I only messed around on the guitar and learnt a few riffs and chords, I didn’t even know any full songs. 

I struggled to pick up new songs and guitar riffs.  Basically, I became stuck in a rut with my guitar playing.  Most of my other friends were much better at playing than myself.  After I finished College, I did however improve and that is why I have set up this website to help others who are stuck in the same situation.

Rocky Guitar pick

Rocky Guitar pick

There is more information on playing guitar music in the posts and articles to come in the future.  So please bookmark this page and visit back for more information on playing rock guitar.  Especially if you would love to play rock music.  You should get some tips here to improve your rock guitar playing. 

For a start you need the right sound for Rock Guitar music.

Drop me an email for anything you would like to see added to the site.