Most expensive Rock Guitar ever?


Further interesting angle to picking the right guitar. This is the ultimate guitar for playing rock guitar, a Black Beauty Gibson Les Paul with gold hardware. Price tag at the moment is around £16,700 sterling and rising. ( Or it is just $27,000 US dollars or 19,200 euro ). It is also an Epiphone. Normal retail price is around $1,300 US dollars.

Last week you could buy this guitar for £1,000, yesterday morning, Monday the 25th of January for only £5,600. Inflation is terrible these days.

What would make it so expensive? What could rise the price from $1300 to $27,000 in a week?
What if one of the biggest Metal Bands ever signed it?  All of the members of Iron Maiden have signed this particular guitar with a gold marker.
– Adrian Smith, Guitarist
– Steve Harris, Bassist
– Bruce Dickinson, Lead singer
– Dave Murray, Guitarist
– Janick Gers, yet another guitarist, one of the three amigos
– Nicko McBrain, drummer
Have all signed it.

Why? For a charity auction of course. For the charities, Childline ( and Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy (

Playing Rock Guitar Gibson Iron Maiden

Playing Rock Guitar Gibson les Paul Iron Maiden

It is a very exclusive item, as there are not many signed Iron Maiden guitars out there. It looks great with gold hardware and expensive gold writing and comes with a hard case.

The auction is also only open to Iron Maiden Fan Club members. Probably in the hope that it will go to a real fan that will keep it in their home and not sell it for profit rather than hang on some wall in some big name rock cafe. Not many fans would have $200k lying around in these days of the economic downturn. But this band are lucky enough to have a few big fans, such as the multi millionaires Metallica, so who knows who is the real highest bidder behind it.

Why they picked a Les Paul? It is also the same as the guitar that Adrian Smith plays on stage (his of course is without the expensive gold scribbles on it).


Playing Rock Guitar Adrian Smith

They are also auctioning a signed poster from the Flight 666 movie, current price £751. Also Rod Smallwood’s personal Platinum disc for USA sales of over 100,000 for the movie FLIGHT 666 for £1325. These are probably a more attainable price bracket for the ordinary fan.

You can check out all three of the items above for the auction here.
It closes the 1st february so get your bid in now.

Rod Smallwood, Iron Maiden Manager, has also done his bit with a charity cycle of Egypt for the causes. You can donate here for his efforts by going to

I’ll keep you up to date on the guitar price. You would certainly need to learn to play guitar after paying that price for an expensive guitar.

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