Picking good Guitar lessons and practise routines


In the last part we set goals and targets and broke it down into steps to get playing rock guitar.

Second step you need to get a system to gain your goals to learn to play rock guitar.  In this case, the best system would be rock guitar lessons.  Pick the best guitar lessons you can get or afford.

Guitar lessons

Choose your Guitar lessons

 The focus part comes in here.  You need to stick to your chosen guitar lessons and keep your focus on learning from them.  Do not change programs from lessons to lessons, you will not progress your guitar playing and only become frustrated.  This is because you will not be following a structured approach to learning guitar music.  Each lesson should build on the last lesson.  This way you will improve your guitar technique and guitar playing.

Chopping and changing from a different program to program or a different system to system will impede your playing.  Your will not be learning the guitar lesson with the proper foundation of the correct lesson before it.

Final third step of the focus is to practise.  You need to give focus and dedication to your practise.  As a total beginner you should practise 5 to 10 minutes every day.  Use a stopwatch or clock to time yourself.  5 minutes can be a very long time but is good enough to begin your guitar lesson practise sessions with.  Make sure you are actually 100% doing and practising what is in your lessons for the 5 or 10 minutes and not just sitting watching TV while half strumming the guitar or messing on the guitar.

Doing this focused guitar practise will train your fingers, they get a memory of where to go on the guitar strings.  5 or 10 minutes with total concentration is much better than a 30 minute half hearted practise session.

As you learn more guitar chords and guitar riffs, you should increase the time to 20 or 30 minutes active practise time.  As you become more proficient your guitar practise session will be become easier and you may even spend hours playing guitar and learning guitar lessons.

The playing will become more enjoyable as you get better and learn more lessons.  At the end of the day that is why you are playing rock guitar, to have fun and enjoy it.  With the added practise you should be picking up new techniques such as hammer ons and pull offs, string bending, tremolo and vibrato, picking techniques.

Remember to keep your focus and you will learn to play guitar surprisingly quickly.  You will also as you get better, be able to pick up songs by yourself by ear and play them.

3 keys to focus:
1. Pick and set goals and objectives.
2. Pick program for guitar lessons and stick with them.
3. Practise.  Keep 100% focus during practise.
Result:  Success in your goals, playing rock guitar songs.

These can also apply to learning anything not just playing guitar music. 
So good luck with your playing and your lessons and rock guitar playing.

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