Jan 1 2010

Learn to play rock guitar? Little secret to progressing with Guitar Lessons.


There is a little secret to playing rock guitar or guitar lessons.  In fact this little secret applies to learning anything.  It is the one thread that ties the 3 steps to success together.  It can really improve your guitar playing.

The secret thread is focus.  You need to focus on your lessons when you want to learn to play guitar or learn anything else.

Focus is not just about concentration, as I said there are 3 steps where you use focus to progress and improve your guitar playing.

First you need to set your goals and targets.  What you are trying to achieve.  The type of music, in this case your goal is probably to learn to play rock guitar.

Choose your style

Choose your style. Rock?

You also need to look at how good you want to get.  Do you want to play for fun, play at parties in front of friends, or play guitar professionally.  (Sorry to dampen your dreams but you also need to be realistic about the standard you want to play at also.  Some guitarist have extraordinary natural talent and practise for hours every day.  You will need time to reach a certain standard of playing.)

Which bands do you want to learn?  What songs do you want to learn?  What type of guitar?  Acoustic guitar or electric guitar?  The electric has a rockier sound but the acoustic is also good to know.  (Although once you can play one type it is easier to pick up and learn the other.)

Write your goals down, make them solid, tangible, visible to you.  Now you have your goals you set targets now to focus on your goals. 

You can also break your goals down into smaller steps or targets to reach your final goal.  This makes it easier to attain.
For example, smaller steps would be:
Play your first guitar note.  Then your next note.  Learn and play your guitar chord.  Then a second and a third chord on the guitar.  Learn your first guitar riff and the your next riff.  Learn different rhythms.  Learn small lead guitar parts.  Learn a first guitar song in full, then the next song and so on.

As opposed to a very big single step:
Become a guitar rock god, master shredder after 1 lesson.  Maybe not a realistic step but with time and building on smaller steps, you could become very good at playing rock guitar.

In the next part we will look at the next 2 steps to using focus to achieve your goals of practise guitar lessons.